tiny door atelier is the chaotic brainchild of kidlit author g. haron davis

picture it – the year is 1984. a nightmare on elm street releases in theaters. there’s a presidential election maybe. ray bradbury wrote a book or something. and, perhaps most worldchanging of all, g. haron davis is born. davis, a Leo-virgo cusper, has always had more ideas than time in the day. they deal with something known as ADHD/autistic paralysis – choosing a direction to focus their extremely limited attention causes way too muc stress, and thus often times they simply…do nothing. not out oflaziness, but a form of anxiety many ADHDers and autistics experience.

it’s 2024 now. the world is a mess. everything is awful. and gee will not be contained. this year, rather than forcing themself to choose and then feel bad about all of the what ifs, gee chooses to dabble in all their interests. and thus tiny door atelier was born. tda is the overarching organization that houses, so to speak, the various projects gee dabbles in. each project acts as its own thing, but each is interconnected – thus housing them under the tda umbrella. gee invites you to wade into the chaos with them. they’re sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. 🙂